FAQs on Purchasing at Solen

Buying a Lot or House & Lot

  1. How can I reserve a lot/unit?
  2. Once you have chosen a lot in Solen submit the following documents and payment to GDC's authorized personnel:
    • Reservation fee:
    • Lot: P 25,000 / House & Lot: P 50,000
    • Reservation Agreement with manual computation sheet.
    • Buyer's Information Sheet.
    • Any valid government ID (photocopy, original to be presented).
  3. What are the next steps after reserving a lot/unit?
  4. A notarized reservation agreement and contract to sell will be sent to the buyer’s registered address 1 month after reservation.
  5. How can I purchase from abroad?
  6. For buyers based abroad, a notarized or consularized Special Power of Attorney is needed to be submitted to GDC. This is to ensure that the buyer has given his Attorney-in-Fact the authority to be duly representing him.
  7. When do I start paying the monthly amortization?
  8. Lot owners can start paying the monthly amortization 1 month after his reservation.
  9. When can I have the TCT?
  10. The TCT is provided within 180 days upon the execution of Deed of Absolute Sale of the developer and buyer.
  11. Can I purchase more than 2 lots/units?
  12. Yes.
  13. What are the payment schemes available?
  14. The available payment schemes are as follows:
    • Cash: Payment of balance 30 days after the reservation.
    • Deferred: Payment of TCP on the longest payment period available.
    • Bank Financing: Equity will be settled by the buyer; balance will be financed by a bank.
  15. How are the official receipts sent to buyers?
  16. Official receipts are sent monthly through accredited couriers.
  17. How much is the penalty whenever I fail to pay on time?
  18. Lot owners who fail to pay their amortization on time based on the approved payment schedule will be penalized with 3% interest for every month of delay or a fraction thereof.
  19. What are the due dates of amortizations?
  20. Lot owners may choose the due date of their amortizations depending on their cashflow. The due dates are as follows:
  21. What are covered by the miscellaneous charges?
  22. Breakdown of the miscellaneous charges:
    • Documentary stamp tax paid to BIR.
    • Registration fee paid to Registry of Deeds.
    • Transfer Tax paid to the Municipal Treasurers.
    • Admin charges paid to GDC (for the documentation and processing fee).
  23. What is RPT? How much do I pay for the purchased lot/unit?
  24. RPT or Real Property Tax is the tax imposed by the government/municipalities upon owners of real property within their jurisdiction based on the value of such property. Lot owners will start paying RPT to the government upon turnover of TCT.
  25. Can I visit the site?
  26. Kindly contact your sales agent or our customer service department as to discuss your preferred schedule of site visit. Please go to our contact us page to send us an email regarding your visit.

Property Turnover and House Construction

  1. How do I know if my unit is ready for move-in and turn-over?
  2. A customer service representative will send a letter and schedule a punch listing of your unit.
  3. When can I start constructing a house and when can I move in?
  4. What are the procedures and requirements of constructing a house?
  5. Lot owner needs to submit a letter addressed to the property manager or the customer service department informing them of his intention to start his house construction. The Property Manager/CSD will contact the lotowner once the request is approved. Upon approval of request, lot owner will be requested to pay the construction bond and royalty fee for the house design. Construction bond is refundable provided that the buyer did not violate the deed restriction and no damage has been done around the property.
  6. How long does the construction of house take?
  7. The house construction completion takes about 6 to 8 months.
  8. Can I build my own house or do I need to get a GDC contractor to build my house?
  9. Lot owners can get their own contractors to build their house. Coordinate with the property manager or the customer service department on the procedures on house construction.
  10. Can I have my own house design?
  11. No, lotowners can only use the house designs to be provided by GDC. For Solen, GDC will be providing at least 9 house designs from which the lotowners can choose.
  12. When will I start paying the HOA (Home Owner's Association) dues? Where will I pay?
  13. Lot owners will start paying the HOA dues once the title is transferred to their name. Payments can be made to the admin office of the HOA, Paseo office, accredited banks and bayad centers.
  14. Are the electricity and water installation included in the price?
  15. The electricity and water installation are not included. The lotowner will apply to Meralco personally for electric power. With regards to water installation, GDC will charge them for installation.
  16. Can any person use the clubhouse and its amenities and facilities?
  17. The clubhouse and its amenities can only be used by the lotowners who do not have arrears on their monthly HOA dues. Other guests can use the clubhouse if they are endorsed by a lotowner.

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